New season, new league good luck!

Well here we are back in the Championship ready for another 46 game slog. Hopefully we’ll have a second successful season under Kenny Jackett as he builds on last season’s outstanding success.

Tickets for Norwich will be available on this website from 5pm Saturday 2nd August, there are 6 available for each game, book early to avoid disappointment.

Subs will remain at £10 for full membership, £5 for OAP’s and for people in full time education £2:50 for the whole season.

See you in the Western




Carlisle now on sale, Party off – BBQ on

Sorry but after a few technical issues I have now remembered to put our Carlisle tickets on sale! We didn’t get enough for a party on the 10th at Highgate House but less than a month later we’ll be having a BBQ as usual on the 7th of June. Full details to follow

We’re having a Party!!

Or you can call it the Dinner! After the last game of the season we have Highgate House booked for a Dinner and or party. Hopefully we’ll all have something to celebrate and so we might as well celebrate in style together. But we need to move quick please, deposits required straight away, I only count people who pay a deposit as being and I need a minimum of 60.

We’ll do the posh meal bit, have a disco then drink the night away into the very early hours! Looking to do it for approx £32 for members and £42 for non members. Not sure about guests yet, but at the end of a long and hopefully successful season we can have a party on our own. So please bring a £10 per head deposit on Saturday or send me a cheque made payable to the DDCWWFCSC.





Bus now full – Restricted to Members only

We’ve had a great response to our bus to MKDons as part of the 10K2MK band wagon – too good in fact.

So much so that no more applications can be accepted and places are currently only available for members who have paid THIS SEASON.

We are now closed to new members.

Wolves have given an undertaking on the tickets, to get them I need your details, name, stand area, seat number and membership number. If you haven’t sent me those please do so ASAP

More details prices and times to follow – thank you all for your support



Bus to MK Dons?

There are moves afoot in the Wolves online community to see if we can get 10,000 fans for the game at MK Dons.

So how about one of Coxy’s tours that day? A bus starting in Wolverhampton or Bridgnorth coming to the East Midlands for Breakfast and beer. Then on to another pub before heading for the match. Pub and food on the way home too. As there’s plenty of tickets around, have we got enough interested to run a bus?

I need 40 to be viable, please let me know if you are up for it.

Our tickets for Bradford now sold out



Bert Williams RIP

We have heard the very sad news today that another of the all time Wolves greats Bert Williams has passed away.  Bert was 93. We have met Bert over the years at the former players association dinners, and Coxy met him a few more times when being part of Matt Murray’s testimonial committee.  Bert’s big fund raising exercise in later life was following his wife’s death from Alzheimer’s was raising funds for the Alzheimer Society which was one of Matt’s chosen charities to support in tribute to Bert.

Always fascinating to talk to Bert was a lovely man, modest about his own achievements but keen to help and advise others. He always had a firm handshake and a twinkle in his eye. A Wolves man through and through who’ll be missed by many people in the Wolves community. Our condolenses go out to his family and friends.

Let the Beer Train Roll….

Bristol City are 2 down – that means they’ll be at Molineux a week on Saturday (25th) the date chosen for the first DDCWWFCSC Beer Train!

All aboard for our first rail excursion.
Suggested by Lyn Lockley and thought by many to be a great idea, this date was chosen before Christmas and before we realised it was 4th round of the cup day and until tonight Bristol City were still in it.
So the plan is leave Wolverhampton on the 5:25 train to Oakengates which should arrive just before 6, go drinking in the Crown catching the 20:07 back as far as Shifnal, where we go into the White Heart pub. We then leave on the 21:13 to Codsall where we drink in the Station bar for an hour before catching the train back to the Great Western arriving at 22:37
The DDCWWFCSC will buy the train tickets if you book them EARLY. That is by next Tuesday at the latest please. I’ll probably stop in the Premier Inn opposite the Western if anyone else is doing so let me know that too.
We can arrange for some food in the Crown but will need some idea of numbers so an early response from you will only assist us in that.
More the merrier – hope you can make it
Cheers Coxy
p.s. The first one to call me the Fat Controller is banned!!

Orient tickets now on sale!

Use the link on the home page to order your tickets for  the game against Leyton Orient. Kick off is at 3pm, tickets £20 each collect from the Western.

New Year Events

During 2013 we have failed to put on both the BBQ and the Annual Dinner for different reasons but there remains a hangover from the last 2 or 3 seasons reflecting what has been happening on the pitch.

However a New Year is looming and we need to get on track, and improve our activities going forwards. To that end some of the most popular ideas are for us to go on a rail/drinking evening straight after a home game probaly Saturday 25th January after Bristol City. This would mean catching a train to Oakengates at 5:25 and going to the Crown, then working our way back via Shifnal and Codsall before returning to the Western for a last port of call. Either food or train tickets to be covered by the club funds.

The next plan is to run a bus to an away game.Either Brentford away on 22nd February or Orient away later in the season in April. The bus would start in Wolverhampton, or Bridnorth if there’s demand, pick up en route with hopefully a breakfast stop along the way. After the game another food and drink stop before we start dropping people off. This too would be subsidised from club funds.

Thirdly for now a dinner at the end ofthe season. After Wolves play Coventry on 26th Aprill oooks favorite as it’ll be in Northampton. Concerned that it might get moved by TV companies to another day but we’ll see nearer the time.

Please advise Coxy if you want to join in any of the above






Dinner Cancelled

Following discussions with Committee members this morning I have decided to cancel the Annual Dinner on 2nd November. We had to achieve a minimum number of 60 attendees, and to date had only 43. Due to the Carlisle fixture being re-arranged Kenny Jackett was unable to attend, plus some other Honorary Members such as Kevin Foley, Mike Bailey and John Richards were also unavailable.

Another symtom is we still seem to have a hang over from the last two seasons which when coupled with me setting the date quite late meant it was difficult for many to attend.

A full refund will be paid to those who have paid any money, and we need to decide what to do instead. We could try again in the New Year, have some sort of Christmas party, or run a couple of trips to key away games. Please tell us what you want and what you think.