New Year Events

During 2013 we have failed to put on both the BBQ and the Annual Dinner for different reasons but there remains a hangover from the last 2 or 3 seasons reflecting what has been happening on the pitch.

However a New Year is looming and we need to get on track, and improve our activities going forwards. To that end some of the most popular ideas are for us to go on a rail/drinking evening straight after a home game probaly Saturday 25th January after Bristol City. This would mean catching a train to Oakengates at 5:25 and going to the Crown, then working our way back via Shifnal and Codsall before returning to the Western for a last port of call. Either food or train tickets to be covered by the club funds.

The next plan is to run a bus to an away game.Either Brentford away on 22nd February or Orient away later in the season in April. The bus would start in Wolverhampton, or Bridnorth if there’s demand,┬ápick up en route with hopefully a breakfast stop along the way. After the game another food and drink┬ástop before we start dropping people off. This too would be subsidised from club funds.

Thirdly for now a dinner at the end ofthe season. After Wolves play Coventry on 26th Aprill oooks favorite as it’ll be in Northampton. Concerned that it might get moved by TV companies to another day but we’ll see nearer the time.

Please advise Coxy if you want to join in any of the above







There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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