John Humphrey

John Humphrey came to be our next Honorary member when John Richards left Molineux as a player, a hard act to follow, but John had the right personality to take it in his stride and embrace everything DDCWWFCSC! Although a relatively young player he was very open and approachable and fitted in well with our activities at that time.

Travelling between Wolverhampton and London to see his family Daventry was en route and John occasionally popped in to see Coxy in the Dun Cow. I remember one occasion near the start of the season when he was approached by one of the pub teams managers with a signing on form hoping to clinch a major coup for the Dun Cow side. But John I think stole his thunder by willingly signing on the dotted line to play for the Dun Cow reserves!!

…he was very open and approachable and fitted in well with our activities at that time.

He also came to help out in a 7 a side tournament held on Daventry Town’s ground where he did some refereeing and presented the trophies. He also attended that fateful dinner in Northampton, where Coxy had arrived early and got stuck into the beer a bit too much beforehand, so by the time it came to the speeches Coxy was quite drunk and his speech went on and on. So much so that there had to be a beer break in the middle of it!!

Afterwards John confided  that on his way home after the Dinner his girlfriend Julie was driving his Triumph Acclaim back to Wolverhampton as he fell asleep. She woke him to ask where they should get off the M6 just as they were approaching a sign saying Preston!
At away games he was very useful as Coxy with Ian Jennings would always be blagging their way into the Players Lounge for a drink after the match had finished. John was a helpful party to this by vouching for us if required, but more normally we were at the bar before him, waiting for him.

Once the heavy decline set in at Molineux during the 80’s John was one of the sellable assets on the books, and he moved on in a double deal with John Pender to Charlton Athletic where he had a long career. Unfortunately we lost touch at that time but believe he is now a teacher in a posh school in south London. We shall have to try and track him down….