Christmas is coming….time for a new Wolves book?

DDCWWFCSC member Clive Corbett is in the process of launching his new book, and is prepared to give a healthy discount to all of our members! His first book ‘Those were the Days’ was published in 2007 – my how time flies – and this new book covers the period from 1977 through to 1990, quite a traumatic period in Wolves history. The book is called ‘Out of Darkness’ quite appropriate for the period covered.

Normally retailing at £19.99 Clive will be in the Western before the next home game with Sunderland on Sunday 4th December between 2 and 3:30 to sell them to our members for £15 each, and I daresay signed with a personal inscription too.

So bring along your £15’s and get Clive next instalment of all our histories! If it is anywhere as good as his first book we are all in for a Christmas treat.

Also worthy of a mention is another book, not by a member this time, mainly because he’s never coughed up his subs! But Jim Heath is a friend of the DDCWWFCSC never the less. Wolves in 20/20 vision is what is called a coffee table book, which I think is a euphemism for a book you read on the toilet!  Our flag warrants it’s own mention, but it has loads of things to set your memory banks working. It costs £9:99 but hasn’t offered our members a discount yet!!


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20th April 2024
There will be a limited number of tickets available in the Stan Cullis Upper (10 tickets) 7 days before each home game.

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