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We have news of two more of our Honorary Members who have confirmed that they shall be attending the next DDCWWFCSCADD – that’s Annual Dinner to you and me – we shall have a possibly unpresidented 5 Honorary Members in attendance if all goes to plan.

I’m thrilled to announce that our first honorary Member Mike Bailey and his wife Barbara will be attending as will Willie and Tessa Carr. They are added to John Richards and Kevin Foley who had accepted invitations previously.

Richard Skirrow too,  will also be there. Watch this space for further news on the Dinner.

The timing of the Dinner comes closely after the Hall of Fame inductions at Molineux, and three of our Honorary Members are being inducted. John Richards Mike Bailey and Graham Turner have all been selected by the panel of judges for this great honour, so hearty congratulations to them. I’m sure that we can help them celebrate two nights later at our Dinner.


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1st November 2021
There will be a limited number of tickets available in both the Stan Cullis Upper (6 tickets) and Steve Bull (2 tickets) 7 days before each home game.

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