Summer Barbecue Date this week! See you there.

Well the food’s ordered, the beer’s ordered, all’s we need now is you! Turn up any time after 2pm and eat and drink as much as you can (until we run out) all for £10 per family.

Joining us this year are Honorary Members Matt Murray, Willie Carr and Richard Skirrow.   So a chance for you to show them how to play the beautiful game in the lads versus dads match or to have a relaxed chat over a pint. Matt and Richard will be making their debut at this event and I’m sure we’ll show them a good time.

Don’t let the weather put you off, as everything is paid for we need it eaten and drunk. See you there. Coxy


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1st November 2021
There will be a limited number of tickets available in both the Stan Cullis Upper (6 tickets) and Steve Bull (2 tickets) 7 days before each home game.

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